It’s A Sport. It’s a Game. IT’S BEER PONG!!

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Games & Fun

Beer pong today is more magnificent then ever before. It is played with a lengthy table and begins with a minimun of ten plastic (preferably red) cups on each side, depending on how hammered you’d like to get. Usually you play on teams of two, and try to pick a partner who has consumed less alcohol than you have. This is not applicable to all Beer Pong players. Many players have known to be more talented once they have had a few too many drinks, others just plain suck whether they are sober or not.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Natural Light, Keystone, and other shit beers are the preferred fuel for Beer Pong, since they are cheap and tasteless. However, a half of cup of Natty Light that’s been sitting on the table for the last 20 minutes while some drunk fool tries in vain a thousand times to make his shot is pretty hard to choke down. Class your game up when hosting and provide ample amounts of Bud Light to use for play .

Once you have you picked your partner you can begin to play! The goal of the game is to get your ball into the other persons cup(s). Your opponent must then drink the contents of that cup. Once all cups are emptied on one side of the table, the game is over, with the team or persons with remaining cups deemed the winner. Once you win a game you must continue facing challengers until you lose. Or until you puke, faint, or other forms of pussing-out.

There are various rules necessary to play this game (see link below), but the main goal is to get everyone else playing as drunk as possible, as fast as possible. So get your cups, get a couple of ping pong balls, and get to it!

When you’re at a party, or even hanging out in your loser friend’s garage, the floor isn’t spick and span clean. Since you have been drinking, and beer is highly involved in Beer Pong, you will NOT make every shot you take. This results in your precious balls rolling off the table and onto that nasty floor. Its imperitive to wash your balls! Not only will your opponted be highly pissed off at you for getting your dog’s ass hair in their beer/cup, your balls will become more aerodynamic after being cleaned. So keep an extra cup with water and dip your balls into them periodically, no one likes dirty balls in their beer.

Wiki: Beer Pong | Rules & Variations (pdf): Here | Play BeerPong Online Here


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