The Venture Bros. – Season Four

Posted: January 27, 2011 in TV & Webisodes

If you haven’t familiarized yourself of the genius that is The Venture Brothers, now is the time. This late night series (airing Sundays at 11:30pm on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim) is easily my favorite thing on tv.

The series revolves around Dr. Thaddeus Venture, heir-apparent to Venture Industries – makers of robots, military weapons, and all things science. Dr. Venture has two boys, Hank and Dean, who are lost somewhere between a G.I. Joe adventure and a Scooby-Doo mystery. Current bodyguard (and recovering pedophile) Sgt. Hatred tries to keep the boys safe through adventures, villanous arches from various bad guys, a secret military operation called S.P.H.I.N.X operating in the Venture’s aircraft hangar, and various other storylines and characters.

The show is loaded with pop culture references for those aged 30-40 (similar to how Family Guy does it, but way smarter), and has a lot of interesting original music composed by J. G. Thurwell.

Critically acclaimed, the series has completed 4 full seasons and is set to return in September of 2011 with 14 new episodes (which will be Season Five, for those keeping score).

Sharp, smart, and funny as hell, I would suggest this show to anyone looking for a late night laugh to finish the weekend…

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Video Trailer for Season 4.5 Available on DVD and Blu-Ray March 11, 2011


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