Fear Factory – Mechanize

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Music

2010 is a distant memory for some. In thinking back to the best albums released last year, one album truly stands out as the cream of the crop.

Fear Factory's 2010 release "Mechanize" featured the highly reported reunion of vocalist Burton C. Bell with original guitarist Dino Cazares, along with bassist Byron Stroud and journeyman drummer Gene Hoglan. The anticipated album also welcomes back keyboardist/producer Rhys Fulber.

With the original band intact, FF put together 10 amazing new studio tracks for the masses. The combination of gut-punching guitars and face-melting drums has Fear Factory reclaiming their rightful throne amongst the industrial metal scene.

If this record somehow went unnoticed by you last year, here's your chance to play catch-up on what was truly one of 2010's gems.

Track List:
01. Mechanize
02. Industrial Discipline
03. Fear Campaign
04. Powershifter
05. Christploitation
06. Oxidizer
07. Controlled Demolition
08. Designing the Enemy
09. Metallic Division
10. Final Exit

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (256kbps): Link


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